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Saturday, October 10th, 2020

The Times Center242 W 41st Street, New York, NY

Scientific Poster Submission

We will be accepting scientific poster submissions for presentation at the 5th Annual Lyme Disease in the Era of Precision Medicine conference being held on Saturday, October 10th, 2020. Please stayed tuned for more information.

To be included in our poster session, we ask professional members of the scientific and medical communities to submit a brief abstract (max 250 words) and presentation title due no later than  Friday, September 4th, 2020.

Please note that poster presenters are required to be registered for the conference in order to be eligible for the review process. Not all submissions will be accepted due to space limitations.

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Thank you for your submission.

A representative from our team will review and provide a programming decision by Friday, August 9th, 2019.

You may be contacted sooner if we have any questions regarding your submission. For questions, please contact

2019 Conference

Please take a look at the videos from the LymeMIND Conference 2019!

What makes LymeMIND so unique?

Its comprehensive focus: LymeMIND brings together those who are dedicated to prevention, diagnostic and treatment innovations and invites them to learn about the latest medical research and advancements in Lyme Disease alongside patients and those who educate, perform research and advocate for patient care and support.

What are LymeMIND Stories?

We have designed a fully immersive interview booth called LymeMIND Stories that gives individuals facing the battle with Lyme disease a platform to share their personal experiences. We seek to represent the core of the human Lyme disease experience from the patient, clinician, caregiver and researcher perspective and will open the booth to the public at the LymeMIND Conference.

What is new at LymeMIND this year?

This year, we will be expanding LymeMIND to include even more speakers, breakout presentations and topics that delve into areas of Lyme research that are not frequently discussed in the mainstream discussion around Lyme disease. We are also excited to bring in new, personalized components that showcase creative efforts from Lyme community; including a musical performance and art exhibition from Lyme patients.

Who can we expect to see at LymeMIND this year?

This year, speakers will represent a number of different sectors within the Lyme community. Attendees can expect to see presentations from highly regarded individuals including former Lyme patient, researcher and author Dr. Neil Spector, and Susanna Visser of the CDC.

2019 Conference Presentations

2019 Conference
2019 Conference
2019 Conference
2019 Conference
2019 Conference
2019 Conference
2019 Conference
2019 Conference
2019 Conference
2019 Conference
2019 Conference
2019 Conference
2019 Conference

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What is LymeMIND

What is LymeMIND

LymeMIND is a multiscale integrated network which represents a unified, predictive model of Lyme disease.

LymeMIND will enable a systems medicine approach to identify novel biomarkers and new therapeutic opportunities. We are working with a network of collaborators to interrogate the complex biology of samples collected from Lyme-affected individuals using molecular profiling technologies and applying advanced statistical and machine learning approaches to move rapidly from “Big Data” to knowledge and improved understanding of the disease.

What is LymeMIND

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