Multiscale Integrated Network Model of Lyme Disease

What is LymeMIND

The Institute for Next Generation Healthcare is building a multiscale integrated network of Lyme Disease (LymeMIND) that will represent a unified, predictive model of Lyme disease.

LymeMIND will enable a systems medicine approach to identify novel biomarkers and new therapeutic opportunities. We are working with a network of collaborators to interrogate the complex biology of samples collected from Lyme-affected individuals using molecular profiling technologies, and applying advanced statistical and machine learning approaches to move rapidly from “Big Data” to knowledge and improved understanding of the disease.

Why Lyme

Lyme disease, caused by bacteria infected ticks, infects an estimated 300,000 people each year in the United States.

The disease is known to be profoundly complex, involving multiple tissues and organs systems that result in complex interactions between host and pathogen. The natural history of disease is also complex, with acute infection that mimics signs of other illnesses and often leading to chronic neurological, immune, and musculoskeletal dysfunction.

Recent Events

Lyme Disease in the Era of Precision Medicine Conference

October 4, 2016

This unique event, sponsored by the Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation: Lyme Disease Initiative, will focus on opportunities to apply emerging paradigms of precision medicine and network biology to advance understanding and treatment of Lyme disease.



The Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation

To date, the Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation has committed over $50 million for more than 20 Lyme disease projects. Over the next five years, the Foundation will support and track the progress of these grants while selectively seeking out new investment...

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Mapping the effects of drugs on the immune system

Understanding how drugs affect the immune system has consequences for treating disease and minimizing unwanted side effects. Here we present an integrative computational approach for predicting interactions between drugs and immune cells in a system-wide manner. The...

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