The purpose of LymeMIND Stories is to collect the real experiences of the people affected by, or otherwise connected to, Lyme disease.

By collecting these stories we hope to raise awareness, dispel confusion, increase support, and reduce isolation. We thank all who have generously participated in this experience and shared their stories with the world.


Sandy Berenbaum - Patient

Jesse Ruben - Patient

Jason Bobe - Researcher

Zachary Ballard & Hyouarm Joung - Researchers

Tracey Grumbach - Patient

Cassidy Colbert - Patient

Katie Palumbo - Patient

Mackay Rippey - Patient

Grace Tatar - Patient

Jennifer Scott - Patient

Sherry Felix - Patient

Olivia Goodreau - Patient

Carol Dipaolo - Patient

Cindy Lopez - Patient

Lauren Friedwald - Patient

Valerie Yawien - Patient

Norah Carney - Caregiver

Vanessa Van Schaik - Patient

Jessica Hickok - Patient

Cora Taningco - Clinician

Lisa Hobday - Patient

Huw Phillips - Patient

David Roth - Patient

Kate Laperriere - Patient

Liz Horn - Researcher

Savi Glowe - Resarcher

Carly Feigan - Patient

Brian Fallon - Researcher

Lillian Chen - Patient

Suruchi Chandra - Clinician

Julia Bruzzese - Patient

Jason Bobe - Researcher

Scott Bedford - Patient

Jill Auerbach - Researcher

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